Program A is an exchange program through which UMAP participating institutions send and receive up to two students with tuition waivers each semester.

Program B is a negotiated bilateral exchange between two institutions that have agreed to exchange more than two students per semester.

Programs A and B follow a timeline that has two application cycles. Programs that are open for application only during the early or First application cycle are marked with .

Programs that are open for application only during the late or Second application cycle are marked with .

Programs that are open for application during both early/late or First and Second application cycles are marked with .

Program C consists of short-term programs of one to eight-weeks, for which tuition may be charged.

Virtual Programs are offered entirely online and may include both short-term and semester-long programs.

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Exchange Program at KMUTT

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi

Thung Khru, Thailand
English Requirements: TOEFL ITP, TOEFL iBT, IELTS, TOEFL paper-based
Here at KMUTT, we have exchange students joining us every year, and now we invite you to step out of your known world to experience and enjoy the excitement of becoming an exchange student at KMUTT. Choosing KMUTT as your study destination will not only assure you a strong academic scope through science and technology but also enable you to learn Thai as a foreign language. Moreover, you will have Thai buddies accompanying you throughout your stay here, to help you overcome culture shock. This will also help you to broaden your outlook and perspectives, gain self-confidence to become successful in life. Getting to stay with students from many countries, coming from different backgrounds will help you learn to become culturally more sensitive towards your co-worker, friends and others whom you will come across in future days to come. It will also teach you to become capable of living in an unfamiliar environment. Besides the reasons above, joining KMUTT as an exchange student will give you an opportunity to pursue higher studies at our university and help you keep making friends and connecting with many more people and resources through our network in days to come
Program A/B

Application deadline: 29/Apr/2024

Semester 1 dates: 05/Aug/2024 - 18/Dec/2024

Semester 2 dates: 06/Jan/2025 - 30/May/2025