Program A is an exchange program through which UMAP participating institutions send and receive up to two students with tuition waivers each semester.

Program B is a negotiated bilateral exchange between two institutions that have agreed to exchange more than two students per semester.

Program C consists of short-term programs of one to eight-weeks, for which tuition may be charged.

Virtual Programs are offered entirely online and may include both short-term and semester-long programs.

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Tunghai University Exchange Program

Tunghai University

Taichung, Taiwan
The exchange program at Tunghai University provides international exchange students with various courses and activities, including the regular professional courses, the preliminary Chinese language training, and the cultural exchange opportunities. For the regular courses, our departments offer both Chinese-taught and English-taught professional courses, which exchange students could take according to their interests. Besides, as Tunghai University has established the first Chinese Language Center in central Taiwan as of 1970, we provide professional Chinese language training for exchange students. We offer 6-hour or 15-hour Chinese language courses per week without extra fees. The intensive courses assist the students to improve their Chinese language proficiency. In addition to the courses, there are also cultural activities provided for exchange students to know more about Taiwan and to have the opportunities to interact with students from different countries.
Program A/B

Application deadline: 27/Apr/2023

Semester 1 dates: 11/Sep/2023 - 19/Jan/2024

Semester 2 dates: 12/Feb/2024 - 14/Jun/2024