Program A is an exchange program through which UMAP participating institutions send and receive up to two students with tuition waivers each semester.

Program B is a negotiated bilateral exchange between two institutions that have agreed to exchange more than two students per semester.

Program C consists of short-term programs of one to eight-weeks, for which tuition may be charged.

Virtual Programs are offered entirely online and may include both short-term and semester-long programs.

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Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Santiago, Chile
English Score: GPA 2,5 (Scale in GPA 4,0) Equivalent to: 5 / -B / 77-79%
STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS. Study a semester at UAI. Exchange or Direct enrollment. More than 200 interdisciplinary courses in Spanish and 20 English courses, to increase your potential as a student and future professional. + Language Spanish Courses.
Program A/B

Application deadline: 27/Apr/2023

Semester 1 dates: 25/Jul/2023 - 14/Dec/2023

Semester 2 dates: 26/Feb/2024 - 11/Jul/2024


Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Santiago, Chile
English Score: Scale 1,0 to 7,0 / 1,0 - 3,9 - fail; 4,0 - pass; and 7,0 is the maximum
Come to learn our interdisciplinary two to four- week programs. On-site and virtual short courses for undergraduate students. We offer Taylor Made Programs that are designed to help the students learn different topics to develop new skills and empower themselves.
Program C

Application deadline: 30/Apr/2023

Program Dates: 26/Jun/2023 - 28/Jul/2023