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About Us The University of Mariana, a prominent private Catholic institution in San Juan de Pasto, Colombia, is the first private university in Nariño and the second oldest and largest, following the public University of Nariño. It offers a wide range of academic programs across five faculties, including 17 undergraduate programs, pre-university courses, and postgraduate offerings. In 2022, it earned high-quality accreditation from the Ministry of National Education. The main campus boasts extensive facilities, green spaces, and Alvernia, a rural sports and recreational area. The university's commitment to research and innovation is evident through SIUMAR, fostering scientific and technological research, research groups, and global networks. Additionally, it prioritizes knowledge dissemination and the integration of faith, science, and culture. The Institutional Committee for Innovation and Entrepreneurship supports these efforts.
Population 5,000-20,000
City Pasto
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Mailing Address Street 18 No. 34 - 104 Pasto (Nariño) Cellphone: 3127306850
Phone Number (602) + 7244460
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