General Information Institution Universidad Tecnológica del Perú campus Lima Centro
Program C and Virtual Program Status Closed
Program Information Program Name ALGORITHMS AND DATA STRUCTURES
Program Type Virtual Program
Type: Semester
Program Description It is a theoretical and practical course, which describes types of data storage in main memory such as linear structures (arrays, stacks and queues), non-linear structures (trees and graphs) and dynamic structures (linked lists). In addition, it describes sorting and searching methods, hash tables, recursion.
Contact Information Mariella Cantoni,
Teaching Language Spanish
Degree Level Undergraduate
Language Proficiency Requirements Accept Native English No
English Language Requirements: None
Other English Language Requirements None
Other Language Requirements Spanish
Academic Field Computer and Information Systems, Engineering, Trades
Facilities and Resources None
Scholarships Available: Yes
Scholarship Information In order to apply for an exchange student, the following procedure must be followed: - Fill in the application form at - Attach the following documents as a pdf file: (1) Certificate of studies or transcript of grades, (2) Scanned copy of passport or identity card, (3) Photo with blank background, (4) Letter of motivation (explaining the reasons for your interest in studying at UTP), (5) Institutional letter of introduction signed by the home university, (6) Student Mobility Application Form, (7) Application form. The International Office will receive and review the information. If any documents are missing, the student will be contacted and must submit them within a maximum of three working days. Acceptance will be subject to the number of places available and confirmation of the opening of the course in the academic offer of the August-December cycle at UTP. Once the student has been accepted, a letter of acceptance will be sent.
Program Fees (All values are in USD) Tuition or Program Fee $0.00
Average Housing Cost $0.00 average per month.
Local Transportation $0.00 average per month. This can include cost of buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation.
Other Program Fees $0.00 excluding tuition. These may include activity, lab/materials, or other fees.
Cost of Living $0.00 average per month. This can include meals, pocket money, and entertainment.
Medical Insurance $0.00 per month.
Visa $0.00
Additional Program Information N/A
Virtual Program Information Application Opens 01/Dec/2023
Application Closes 26/Feb/2024
Program Start Date 18/Mar/2024
Program End Date 19/Jul/2024
Credit/No Credit Credit
Number of Credits for Program 3
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Timezone Pacific Standard Time
Synchronous/Asynchronous: Asynchronous
Learning Platform Canvas
Number of Participants 15
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