Program A for Exchange Students at Niigata University - Program Details

General Information Institution Niigata University
Program A/B Status: Cycle 1 Closed
Program A/B Status: Cycle 2 Closed
Timeline Study Abroad Year 2023
Semester Spring
Program Information Program Name Program A for Exchange Students at Niigata University
Program Type Program A/B
Program Description Aim: Program A for Exchange Students at Center for International Education, Niigata University (NU) provides students from our partner with opportunities to study various subjects at our university for a semester or two. Exchange students are expected to develop their capabilities to contribute to the globalizing world in studying and living in different social settings. ?Eligibility requirements Applicants must meet all of the following requirements. (1) The applicant is currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student in a UMAP partner university. (hereinafter referred to as “partner university”). (In light of the principle of student exchange, students who will be enrolled in, and pay tuition fees to, partner university during their intended study period are eligible. Students who will have graduated from partner universities by the end of the Program at Niigata University are not eligible.) (2) The applicant has good academic records which is equal to or more than 2.3 points by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) scale, has sufficient language proficiency, and is recommended by the head of his/her department or his/her academic advisor. (3) The applicant is physically and mentally in good health and is expected to complete the program successfully. (4) The applicant will observe applicable laws and regulations during their participation in this Program as well as rules and instruction as an exchange student.
Contact Information UMAP Program Coordinator, International Office, Niigata University,
Teaching Language Most subjects of Niigata University are taught in Japanese language. The number of subjects taught in English or Chinese is limited. Students who do not intend to take Japanese language learning subjects, or subjects taught in Japanese which require advanced fluency, should plan carefully before application, ask for information on course offering in advance, and consult their academic advisor at home university about credit transfer.
Degree Level Undergraduate or Graduate
Exchange Duration 2 semesters
Language Proficiency Requirements Accept Native English Yes
English Language Requirements: Other None
Other English Language Requirements Certificates of proficiency tests are not required, but may be submitted if available.
Other Language Requirements None
Academic Field Foreign Languages and Literatures, International / Global Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Facilities and Resources Exchange students have access to university facilities just as regular degree-seeking students of Niigata University including libraries and cafeterias, free wi-fi on campus, and academic affairs information portal system.
Scholarships Available: No
Scholarship Information N/A
Program Fees (All values are in USD) Tuition or Program Fee $0.00
Average Housing Cost $400.00 average per month.
Local Transportation $0.00 average per month. This can include cost of buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation.
Other Program Fees $0.00 excluding tuition. These may include activity, lab/materials, or other fees.
Cost of Living $800.00 average per month. This can include meals, pocket money, and entertainment.
Medical Insurance $15.00 per month.
Visa $25.00
Additional Program Information The cost for living, including accommodation fees, would be approximately 3,000 USD for one semester and 6,500 USD for two semesters. This does not include expenses for international travel and costs for post-arrival quarantine procedures. Student Housing-Exchange students must apply for an apartment room (single room) near Ikarashi campus before arriving in Japan using the service provided by NU Co-op. Students will be responsible for paying initial fees, monthly rent, and utility fees. Students may select a room according to their preference, and a monthly rent will vary by rooms. Details will be announced after students are admitted to NU.
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Program A/B Information Additional Information Students may choose either one or two semesters to study. Applicants must submit Niigata University's original application documents through a coordinator at their home university by following the instruction on the application guideline which will be sent to students who have been approved on the USCO system. Approval on the USCO system means that students are eligible to apply to Niigata University by a deadline set separately by NU.
Required GPA Not required
Program Schedules 1st Semester Start Date: 03/Apr/2023
1st Semester End Date: 10/Aug/2023
2nd Semester Dates: 02/Oct/2023
2nd Semester End Date: 13/Feb/2024
Credit Transfer Yes
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Number of Tuition Waved Participants 2
Additional Number of Students Accepted 0
Number of Fee Paying Students Accepted 0
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