Volunteer Programme @ Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU) - Program Details

General Information Institution Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Program C and Virtual Program Status Closed
Program Information Program Name Volunteer Programme @ Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU)
Program Type Program C
Program Description In this program, you will learn how to monitor sea turtle nesting process, how to identify sea turtle species, how to measure and tag sea turtles, how to label sea turtle nest, learn about the natural predators of turtle eggs and hatchlings, and how to determine hatching success of sea turtle nest. You will be guided and supervised by SEATRU Scientists and trained Research Assistants.
Contact Information Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uzair Rusli, uzair@umt.edu.my
Teaching Language English
Degree Level Undergraduate or Graduate
Language Proficiency Requirements Accept Native English N/A
English Language Requirements: None
Other English Language Requirements None
Other Language Requirements None
Academic Field Biology, Education, Natural Resources
Facilities and Resources None
Scholarships Available: No
Scholarship Information N/A
Program Fees (All values are in USD) Tuition or Program Fee $185.00
Average Housing Cost $0.00 average per month.
Local Transportation $0.00 average per month. This can include cost of buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation.
Other Program Fees $0.00 excluding tuition. These may include activity, lab/materials, or other fees.
Cost of Living $0.00 average per month. This can include meals, pocket money, and entertainment.
Medical Insurance $0.00 per month.
Visa $0.00
Additional Program Information N/A
Supplementary Links Link address package programme Link
Email Link
Program C Information Notification of Acceptance Date N/A
Application Opens 01/Jan/2023
Application Closes 31/Jul/2023
Program Start Date 02/Sep/2023
Program End Date 09/Sep/2023
Credit/No Credit No Credit
Other Credential Offered N/A
Number of Participants N/A
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