Biology - Program Details

General Information Institution Universidad Industrial de Santander
Program A/B Status: Cycle 1 Closed
Program A/B Status: Cycle 2 Closed
Timeline Study Abroad Year 2024
Semester Fall
Program Information Program Name Biology
Program Type Program A
Program Description The undergraduate degree in Biology at the Universidad Industrial de Santander UIS responds to the growing need of society for highly qualified professionals to diagnose, analyze and propose solutions to biological problems in different areas and applications of basic science. Being consistent with the mission and institutional project of the UIS, the program aims to train professionals who work to solve biological problems related to their different areas of study. During their training process, students acquires the necessary competences for an optimal professional performance and participates actively in the design, execution, and evaluation of research projects. Likewise, they lead important proposals and extension programs for the benefit of society. Bucaramanga, Santander: SNIES 704 | Qualified Registration: MEN N.° 21322 of November 11, 2020, validity 8 years.
Contact Information Secretaria Escuela de Biología,
Teaching Language Spanish
Degree Level Graduate
Exchange Duration 1 semester
Language Proficiency Requirements Accept Native English No
English Language Requirements: Scores: No required
Other English Language Requirements Spanish
Other Language Requirements None
Academic Field Biology
Facilities and Resources
Scholarships Available: No
Scholarship Information N/A
Program Fees (All values are in USD) Tuition or Program Fee $0.00
Average Housing Cost $550.00 average per month.
Local Transportation $38.00 average per month. This can include cost of buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation.
Other Program Fees $0.00 excluding tuition. These may include activity, lab/materials, or other fees.
Cost of Living $250.00 average per month. This can include meals, pocket money, and entertainment.
Medical Insurance $44.00 per month.
Visa $55.00
Additional Program Information The School of Biology aims to train highly qualified biologists, to strengthen research as the axis of academic life and to ensure the social relevance of all its actions with the scientific and technological development of the region and the country. As expressed in the institutional mission “the recognition of challenges and the construction of solutions to our own needs and those of the environment” is given through research training and the participation of students in research groups. The commitment to the preservation of the environment is highlighted, considering that the Biology program is the standard-bearer of this institutional purpose, which is evidenced in the degree works that investigates, protect and promote the biological diversity of the region and the country.
Supplementary Links Biology School Link
Program A/B Information Additional Information How to apply? Foreign students or currently enrolled in a university abroad may be eligible for an academic exchange program at the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), as long as their home institution has an academic exchange agreement with the UIS. If you are a student interested in entering the Universidad Industrial de Santander. Please complete the Obligatory UIS form Required documents: Application Form for visiting students at UIS. Letter/introductory email from your home university. Recent certificate of grades for the entire race. Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish (B1) for non-Spanish-speaking students For Colombians, photocopy of the citizenship card and for foreigners photocopy of the page of the personal data of the passport.
Required GPA 3.5/5.0
Program Schedules 1st Semester Start Date: 29/Jan/2024
1st Semester End Date: 06/Dec/2024
2nd Semester Dates: 29/Jul/2024
2nd Semester End Date: 06/Dec/2024
Credit Transfer Yes, 1-5 credits per course
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Number of Tuition Waved Participants 2
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